Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The French Revolution

I've been learning about how the French Revolution started.(The Third Estate or peasants were going hungry. The peasants decided to go and capture the Bastille, which to them, represented the reign of the French kings. Knowing about this topic helps me see that if you are a king (ruler or anybody in charge, you can't just sit there and do nothing. You have to care about what happens in your country and government. You also have to care about the people under you. This topic reminds me of the American Revolution because they also rebelled against their king through violence and war, too. The part I know about is how the people where starving, and because of that they started to protest against their government. I'd like to know more about how the queen, Marie Antoinette, felt when her people were protesting in the streets.

Francheska, Grade 7

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