Tuesday, March 29, 2011

David and Bathsheba

I have been learning about David and Bathsheba in Bible Class. The part I know the most about is how David was punished by God for having sex with Bathsheba. Their first baby was killed. Knowing about this helps me know that whatever I put in my mind is what i give out and God sees all our sins, nothing can be hidden from Him but because He is a God of justice and love, you will face the consequences but He still loves you. The part that is the most confusing is how David totally forgot of God when planning all this evil. I would like to know more about the second child God gave to Bathsheba and David, Solomon.

Rebecca, Grade 8


I’ve been learning about Amos. The most interesting thing is that the slave traders had black people with them attacking the rest. The part i know the most about is that Amos was about to become the chief but he will be sold as a slave. The part that is confusing is why the slaves will be taken by ship to America instead of selling to another tribe in Africa.

Meha, Grade 6

The French Revolution

I've been learning about how the French Revolution started.(The Third Estate or peasants were going hungry. The peasants decided to go and capture the Bastille, which to them, represented the reign of the French kings. Knowing about this topic helps me see that if you are a king (ruler or anybody in charge, you can't just sit there and do nothing. You have to care about what happens in your country and government. You also have to care about the people under you. This topic reminds me of the American Revolution because they also rebelled against their king through violence and war, too. The part I know about is how the people where starving, and because of that they started to protest against their government. I'd like to know more about how the queen, Marie Antoinette, felt when her people were protesting in the streets.

Francheska, Grade 7

The Civil War

I've been learning about the Civil War. When each side needed more men so people started volunteering. Ages eighteen and up must go to war. Knowing about this topic helps me know how desperate people were for men. This reminds me of times when my parents tell me I must do something. I'd like to know more about how the black Americans were volunteering to join the union.

Jessica, Grade 5

Monday, March 28, 2011


I’ve been learning about Esther. The part that I know most about is that Esther became a queen. The part that confused me is why Haman hated Mordacai.

Kaleb, Grade 2

Friday, March 25, 2011

Extreme Insects

I’ve been learning about extreme insects in Reading. I learned that a Goliath Beetle is the largest insect in the world. But the Trash Bug can hide itself in leftovers.

Edna, Grade 1

Opal and Her Mother

I’ve been learning about a girl called Opal and how she lost her mother in Reading. The part I know most about is that her mother ran away when she was three years old. The part that is the most confusing is why Opal’s dad did not go back and look for her because I was expecting that her Dad will go look for her, but he didn’t. I’d like to know more about this topic so that I will know whether the mother comes back or not. This topic reminds me of when I watched a movie called Baby’s Day Out, when the baby went out alone and got lost.

Kingsley, Grade 4